The Aviation-Inspired Belt: Frequent Flyer Fashion, Embodied

There are many travel accessories to make your life as a frequent flyer as pleasant as

Neck pillows, power banks, and sleep masks have earned their place in the carry-on
bag of frequent travelers the world over.

Any smartly dressed traveler should however have
one more item on his must-have list: a belt with an airplane belt buckle.

Featuring peerless quality and design, handcrafted airplane belts made by Munich-based
fashion label JET BELT® present the gold standard of the field.

Discover which JET BELT® suits your unique taste, as well as what to take into account
when buying a JET BELT®.

Inimitable Design

Naturally, the unique feature of the airplane belt is the belt buckle featuring Safety-Belt
Technology. Rather than merely taking a standard-use airplane safety-belt buckle, each and
every buckle is die-cast out of raw zinc and engraved.

With each click of the buckle, you get to recall the electrifying feeling of adventure while you
get to show off your sense of style to the world, too. Every buckle is hand-crafted in
Germany, with excellence exhibited in each surface and precision in every movement. The
buckle comes both in a polished or a matted option to match your taste.

Likewise, the belt strap is distinctive: Eschewing the faded fabric of the well-worn airplane
seatbelt, the JET BELT® features high-quality, sustainable materials.

The JET BELT® is available in leather and nylon configurations.
No matter which configuration you choose, you will find precise, symmetrical stitching in
each model. This fine craftsmanship and your personal choice of configuration will give each
of your outfits a special quality.


The JET BELT® has been designed with an eye towards frequent flyers.
Thus its signature feature was born: In one movement, you can remove the buckle entirely –
say a not-so-fond farewell to awkwardly fumbling with your belt during security. Flying has
never been such a breeze.

Additionally, each JET BELT® features our 2-Step Safety-Belt Mechanism. Open and close
the belt in a matter of seconds – just like you would in your cabin seat.
The same buckle allows you to seamlessly adjust your belt to just the right length, becoming
an irreplaceable part of all your outfits.

Mix and Match

What’s more: The same airplane-inspired design allows you to wear the JET BELT® with
confidence, no matter the occasion. Its design is distinctive but not ostentatious.

Feel free to wear your JET BELT® with some jeans and a button or two open while confident in the
knowledge that it’ll match your suit and tie just as well.
Whatever you’re wearing, the airplane belt buckle brings it all together.
Long story short: The JET BELT® is a fashion statement – one which is subtle, yet confident.

High-grade Materials

Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve: Not during work, not in your day-to-day life,
and certainly not in fashion. In 2020, fast fashion won’t cut it – sustainability, high quality
standards as well as the guarantee of years and years of use are no longer optional.

With your airplane belt as much as anything else, don’t settle for anything less than superior
quality. After all, do you want to buy a belt that lasts just long enough for you to regret that it
split after only half a year?

Do yourself a favor and make certain that your belt is manufactured exclusively with high-
grade materials. Neither should the craftsmanship fall short of excellent.
No need to open up a new tab and start googling, however:  High-grade materials and
unrivaled craftsmanship are the very qualities the JET BELT® team prides itself on.

Refined cowhide leather or perfectly woven nylon – no matter which you choose, your belt
will truly be one of a kind: Each and every belt is handmade in Germany.

Embodying absolute quality, exemplary design, thrilling elegance – visit
and find your JET BELT® today!