5 Attributes That Every Luxury Belt For Men Should Have

5 essential properties of every luxury belt

Timeless classic, practical accessory and fashion statement all in one: a luxury belt is the one accessory that no man’s wardrobe should be lacking. Since this is, of course, no secret in the fashion industry, the range of available products has grown and grown.    There are now hundreds of different brands and products to choose from. How can you, then, decide which luxury belt to invest in? To enable you to come to an informed decision, consider assessing the belt along the following criteria:

  1. Workmanship & quality of materials

Priority number one: High-grade materials. You want your new designer belt to exude pure luxury – and high-grade materials are the prerequisite for a luxurious finishing.  Don’t settle for inferior leather, low-quality yarn or tacky metal – make sure that all materials of your soon-to-be daily companion meet the highest quality standards.

Equally important, however: the manufacturing process. Straight seams, clean stitches and a belt buckle that opens and closes without a hitch are not optional, but necessary. Relying on mass-manufactured products is an unsatisfactory proposition: during the assembly line production, manufacturing defects can easily go unnoticed. Only the personal attention given to each handmade belt can guarantee a flawless product.

  1. The belt buckle

Not any less important are the look and feel of the belt buckle, as well as its buckling mechanism. There is no lack of models of belt buckles, so one would expect a huge variety of designs – and yet, one can barely tell one belt buckle from the other. A buckle with a pin, a strap with five holes, available in silver and gold – hardly a dizzying array of choices. Wouldn’t you want your luxury belt to be unique in any and all aspects? Why not dare to distinguish yourself from the masses a little bit, and pick a cool belt buckle? While choosing your new favorite accessory, don’t settle for anything less but a belt buckle that you’re ready to call your favorite. Be it an exciting silhouette, iridescent color, or singular closing mechanism: Don’t let your taste and standards be limited by anything but your imagination.

  1. Your belt as a day-to-day companion

All these aesthetic considerations should not blind you to the fact that the day-to-day usefulness of your luxury belt is similarly of paramount importance. You may want a beautiful belt, but also one that makes your day go that much more smoothly. First and foremost, the belt must sit well. It must fit comfortably and compliment a large variety of outfits. When choosing a conventional belt, the amount of stops for adjusting the length is often quite limited.  As much as you might love your belt, it shouldn’t commit you to spend long hours in the workshop with a hole punch or to an ascetic lifestyle involving the forbearance of any of the delightful pleasures of the table.


But you don’t need to suffer: Instead of a conventional belt, why not choose a seamlessly adjustable one?


  1. Longevity and warranty

When you’ve decided on your luxury belt, one thing is for certain: You want it to remain a permanent part of your wardrobe. It pays, therefore, to make sure that the manufacturer values durability and longevity just as much as you do. Often, the quality of the materials and workmanship are a good indication of the durability of the product.  Some brands also offer a lifetime repair service, if your belt ever should be damaged. Only if the manufacturer trusts in the durability of their belts, so should you.

  1. Love at first sight

A purchase of a luxury belt is never only an objective choice – your heart has to be in it as well. Fashion has the power to improve our mood and raise our self-confidence. That’s why your new belt should make you feel good when you wear it – make you feel fashionable, modern, stylish and proud. Even the most pricey and high-quality of belts is worth nothing if you don’t feel completely confident and comfortable wearing it.

The JET BELT® – a luxury belt extraordinaire

One manufacturer that fulfills all these requirements and then some, is JET BELT®. Be it high-grade, hand-picked cowhide leather  or finely woven nylon – ever JET BELT® surpasses even the highest quality standards. Every zinc belt buckle is specially die-cast to ensure perfection without any compromises. And every JET BELT® is handmade in Germany – so you can trust in the durability and longevity of any and every JET BELT® luxury belt.  However the JET BELT® wouldn’t be itself without the JET BELT®System: a unique, convenient buckle proven via its use in airplanes worldwide. The 2-Step Safety Belt Mechanism opens and closes quickly and effortlessly within milliseconds. The JET BELT®’s incredible comfort is guaranteed by the seamless adjustability of its buckle.  It adjusts to any of your needs and compliments all of your outfits.  Remove the buckle within seconds and avoid uncomfortable fiddling at airport security.  Just remove the buckle – and keep your JET BELT® on. The JET BELT® embodies high quality, timeless design, and modern elegance.

Be a jet setter, no matter where you are.